'scape magazine

’scape is the international magazine for landscape architecture and urbanism. ’scape is original and inspiring. Twice a year (summer and winter) it is published as a printed magazine - richly illustrated and attractively laid out, containing features, interviews, portraits, design criticism, and essays. In a dossier we focus on an specific theme. Next to the magazine ’scape produces two cahiers (spring and autumn) with recent projects, video’s and columns. 


’scape is written for garden and landscape architects, urban designers, architects, planners, ecologists, developers, geographers, artists and anyone with an interest in landscape and urban design. ’scape operates in a netwerk of authors and reflective practitioners that are closely connected with the bookseries of Landscape Architecture Europe.


’scape is published by Blauwdruk Publishers. This Dutch-based company specialises in making books about landscape, architecture, urban planning, art and cultural heritage. Blauwdruk was jointly responsible for the award-winning publication of Landscape Architecture Europe. The publishing house combines professional expertise with care for the editorial process and graphic design. Blauwdruk publishers makes the design profession accessible in books that have to be beautiful, richly illustrated, clearly set out, and inspiring to look at and read.