Contributions to this issue

Pernille Bech-Larsen, Daphne de Bruijn, Sara Castagné, Ettie Edens, Johan Eklöf, Yves Farion,

Bettymaya Foott, Barbara Greene, Criss Grueber, Aileen Hallie, Harry Harsema, Harro de Jong,

Niki Kampen, Perry Maas, Anne Morley, Roger Narboni, Virginie Nicolas, Camilla Rathsach,

Narcís Sastre, David Schalliol, Kamiel Spoelstra, Onnie Tjia, Ellen de Vries, Kyra Xavia.



Daphne de Bruijn, Harry Harsema



Language English 

Binding softcover with spot UV and dustbin, 17 x 24 cm, 

176 pages, full colour 

ISBN 9789492474759




This special, unique issue of ’scape is entirely devoted to darkness. It is an ode to darkness, and covers how lighting design is increasingly inspired by the need for and the beauty of darkness. Exploring the natural features of our nocturnal ecosystem and using artificial lighting design to strengthen and support nightly, environmental needs, the designers and projects in this issue show new ways in which light design may respond to the far reaching consequences of light pollution and the decrease in biodiversity.  They take a healthy, sustainable planet for both humans and non-humans as their central point of focus.


Amongst others covered in this issue:

/ fascinating photos of clear night skies in Stargazing by Bettymaya Foott & Anne Morley

/ introduction: an overview of qualities, problems and perspectives … Wishing for the stars

/ portraits and projects by lighting designers Roger Narboni of Concepto, Perry Maas of Strootman Landscape architects and Pernille Bech-Larsen of SLA

/ essay: Damaging the ecosystem

/ daily practice with designers Harro de Jong of Buro Harro, Onnie Tjia of the municipality of Rotterdam, Barbara Greene, Ellen de Vries of Het LuxLab,  Yves Farion of lighting company Selux and DarkSky advocate Kyra Xavia

/ innovative ways to approach lighting design: designing with moonlight, using big data to analyse movement through the city at night and designing with night blooming plants

/ and more …

This edition of Scape gives a good overview of what's going on in the world of darkness and light-driven design. Professionals in public spaces can benefit from this.- Stadswerk magazine


This publication was made possible with financial support of Creative Industries Fund NL.