'Scape #17

€ 24,50

'Scape #17

€ 24,50


LOYALTY - Where interventions are needed most

Projects in Mexico, Cape Town, Jordan, Chernobyl, Peru and Kenya, with interviews and reflections.

How designers use their professionalism and idealism to make a difference.


TUCHKOV BUYAN PARK DESIGN COMPETITION - In search of a world-class park in Saint Petersburg

Eight internationally renowned teams submitted designs for a derelict construction site on the banks of the Neva River.

West 8 and Studio 44 won the competition.



Cherish Červar-Porat

A seventies holiday resort on the Croatian coast. Two landscape architects passed by and found a unique and beautiful place in decay.



H+N+S Landscape Architects

Thirty years of innovative landscape design. ‘We look for the values that underlie thebeauty of a landscape’.