A blank spot in practice: urban woods. Alnarp’s Landscape Laboratory in Sweden has inspired the creation of experimental sites in Europe. 


/ Introduction – Free the woods from anesthesia! / Lisa Diedrich and Catherine Szanto

/ The Pioneer – A campus lab / Roland Gustavsson

/ Creative Management – An interview with Allan Gunnarsson and Erik Svensson / Christel Lindgren

/ Pocket woods for 21st century urban landscapes / Anders Busse Nielsen

/ On experimentation across science, design and society / Stephan Darlan Boris

/ Landscape Laboratories for the World! / Cecil Konijnendijk van den Bosch


Projects: Alnarp’s Landscape Laboratory / Snogeholm / Vidernas Park / Sletten / Eskelund / Liege / Zurich / Köln / Langeaux / Paris / Bordeaux



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