BEAUTY – people are flawed aesthetic beings



Harry Harsema


Beauty is a catalyst for connection

Anouk Vogel


A design is more than a picture designed to be perfect

Boris Hocks


There are as many different versions of beauty as people who see it

Julian Raxworthy


An inconvenient debate 

Teun van den Ende


It is a misconception that the modernists did not mention beauty

Yttje Feddes


Life is the most important thing and in itself a work of art

Monika Gora


There’s no such thing as a landscape without a narrative

Remco Rolvink, Berrie van Elderen


Our experience of beauty is determined by meaning

Harro Wieringa


Beauty is not a variable

Sandra van Assen, José van Campen, Wil Zonneveld


Beauty is more than architectural expression

Franz Ziegler


A beautiful city lasts longer

Han Meyer


The city should be a feast for the eyes

Marlies de Nijs


Paul Roncken: ‘People are flawed aesthetic beings’

Martine Bakker




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