LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTURE BETWEEN POLITICS AND SCIENCE – An integrative perspective on landscape planning and design in the network society

€ 35,00


Jannemarie de Jonge (2008)


Paperback, 239 pages, maps and design drawings

ISBN 978-90-75271-31-7


English with extended summary in Dutch




Landscape architecture in the 20th century has developed from a practice-oriented discipline for designing parks and gardens into a broad professional field covering all scales and both urban and rural areas. It also gained an established position as a scientific discipline. In tackling today’s complex planning and design issues, landscape architects necessarily cooperate with other experts, researchers, politicians, users and clients. In a co-design approach it is important to be able to clarify one’s own disciplinary base. With her thesis ‘Landscape Architecture between Politics and Science’ Jannemarie de Jonge provides a theoretical framework for co-design in large-scale landscape architecture as an integrative perspective for the practice of landscape planning and design.


Dit boek kwam mede tot stand dankzij financiële ondersteuning van het Stimuleringsfonds voor Architectuur, stichting NHBos en de EFL Stichting.


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