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Editorial board

Lisa Diedrich, Mike Friesen, Mark Hendriks, Christel Lindgren, Claudia Moll



Katarina Bajc, Martine Bakker, Marina Cervera, Greet De Block, Lisa Diedrich, Mike Friesen,  

Harry Harsema, Mark Hendriks, Christel Lindgren, Josep Mercadé, Claudia Moll, Peter Parker, 

Svava Riesto, Ioanna Spanou, 
Vera Vicenzotti, Nina Vogel


ENG, Softcover with dust jacket, 17x24 cm, 336 pages, full colour

ISBN 9789492474308

October 2018




This fifth edition of the book series Landscape Architecture Europe shows and reflects on 48 contemporary projects, selected by a practitioners’ jury out of over 200 entries from all over Europe. The selected projects are groundbreaking: some for their innovative ways of tackling sustainability, others for their political stance concerning concepts such as nature and democracy.


This richly illustrated book offers thought-provoking texts in support of three landscape architectural approaches to the challenges of the 21st century: to care for people, places and what is already there, to create urban landscapes of new kinds, and to act and move the course of things.


This publication was made possible with financial support of BSLA FSAP (Bund Schweizer Landschaftsarchitekten und Landschaftsarhitektinnen), IFLA Europe (International Federation of Landscape Architects), the NH Bos Foundation and Creative Industries Fund NL.



‘In Touch’ kreeg tijdens de Buchmesse 2012 de DAM Architectural Book Award 2012, een internationale prijs voor de tien beste architectuurboeken van 2012, uitgereikt door het Deutsches Architekturmuseum i.s.m. de Frankfurter Buchmesse. In Touch viel in de prijzen vanwege het redactionele concept, de grafische vormgeving en de fotografie.


PERS ‘Een interessant ideeënboek. (...) De essays vormen een aantrekkelijke – want bondige en eenvoudige – appetizer voor wie wat meer achtergrond en diepgang wenst.’

Sylvie van Damme (Ruimte Magazine, VRP)