39 GARDEN PLANS - Unusual gardens for an ordinary house

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Ch.T. Sørensen


Introduction and final editing

Foreword: Joost Emmerik
Final editing: Andy Tarrant

Softcover with flaps, 16 x 24,5 cm, 96 pagina’s, black and white with spot color

First Edition Arkitektens Forlag, Copenhagen, 1966 

ISBN 9789492474636




This English edition of the classic 39 Garden Plans (39 Haveplaner, 1966) by renowned Danish garden and landscape architect C.Th. Sørensen presents a series of exceptional examples of garden architecture. Simplicity, originality, love and expertise are characteristics that apply to the gardens in this volume.
Every garden plan is based on an idea, an inspiration that is depicted along with the plan. The example could be a farm garden or a park at a castle, a greenhouse complex or a Renaissance parterre. But the idea is the same all the time: the idea must be realisable within the grounds of an ordinary house.
39 Garden Plans is thus a catalogue of the (spatial) possibilities of garden art. It empowers practitioners and the true lover of garden architecture and garden art.


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