Landscape Architecture Europe #6 - Second Glance

€ 35,00

Editorial board

Lisa Diedrich, Sonia Curnier, Mark Hendriks, Anaïs Leger-Smith, Claudia Moll



Katarina Bajc, Martine Bakker, Sonia Curnier, Lisa Diedrich, Mike Friesen, Harry Harsema,

Mark Hendriks, Anaïs Leger-Smith, Christel Lindgren, Claudia Moll, Usue Ruiz Arana



Daphne de Bruijn (design and desk editing), Harry Harsema, Blauwdruk Publishers


Text editing

Sara Butler, Derek Middleton


ENG, Softcover with dust jacket, 17x24 cm, 432 pages, full colour

ISBN 9789492474544

March 2022




This sixth edition of the book series Landscape Architecture Europe shows and reflects on 63 contemporary projects, selected by a practitioners’ jury out of over 200 entries from all over Europe. The selected projects are groundbreaking: some for their innovative ways of tackling sustainability, others for their political stance concerning concepts such as nature and democracy.


This richly illustrated book offers thought-provoking texts in support of four landscape architectural approaches to the challenges of the 21st century: 

- Europe’s commitment: Working with Grand Challenges 

- Europe’s strength: Public Spaces

- Where we live today: Landscapes as Mind-Openers 

- What we need to develop: Landscapes for urban futures


According to magazine Onze eigen tuin, the sixth edition of Landscape Architecture Europe is an indispensable reference work.

"The sixth part of the English-language series Landscape Architecture Europe contains richly illustrated articles about 63 contemporary projects that were chosen by a jury of peers from 200 entries from all over Europe. (...) The projects are very diverse, from the campus of the Bauhaus University to the Ede market, from the Noorderdiepzone to the Copenhagen Scandiagade. For each project, the illustrations are accompanied by short texts explaining the basic principles. As always excellently designed. Indispensable reference work."  


Landscape Architecture Europe #6 was made possible with financial support of BSLA FSAP (Bund Schweizer Landschaftsarchitekten und Landschaftsarhitektinnen), IFLA Europe (International Federation of Landscape Architects), the NH Bos Foundation and Creative Industries Fund NL.


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