'Scape #19

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Softcover with dustbin, 192 pages, full colour

ISBN 9789492474605 



ACROSS - Urban futures across the hemispheres

Students, teachers and practitioners travel ‘across’ to learn and grow. In landscape architecture and urbanism, the dividing line between practice and academia begins to disappear. 

The dossier is also about transferring knowledge. What do we want to tell? What do we need to understand? Crossing borders starts there, perhaps: at being able and willing to understand things. So it is also about language.



Ingenious landscapes 

An immersive investigation by the landscape architects of Pareto into the ingenuity of exceptional agricultural landscapes: a particular coastal oasis in Southern Tunisia, an ingenious crop system in a Tunisian lagoon, the refined multi-layered agriculture of the Andes, and a powerful agro-system in the forest of the Amazon. Their drawings are precise and poetic. 



Adriaan Geuze

‘One of the most significant landscape architects in the world today’, says the jury who gave Adriaan Geuze the prestigious Jellicoe Award. In this issue an interview by Silke Rainen and a selection of iconic works of West 8: Yongsan Park, Seoul, Toronto Waterfront, Madrid RIO, Houston Botanic Garden and The Grand Egyptian Museum, Cairo. 



About the view  

Views can be elevated, breathtaking, massive, never-ending, a dream. Good design helps to reach them. We show some remarkable projects: a coastal walk along the Costa Brava, a squirrel’s view in Philadelphia, through the forest of Klokkarhamren, and an inviting access for Lake Tyrrell.



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