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URBAN DISTURBANCES - From times of upheaval to spaces for change 

With the Covid-19 pandemic people, places and communities slowly adapted to the new reality of lockdown restrictions and rules. It was a time of experimentation as we tried to navigate altered cities. This dossier focuses on a sense of opportunity and possibility. How might a period of upheaval help us rethink the future trends of urban development?




Remnants of old wars

Photo’s of Marc Wilson of the remnants of defense structures of World War II inspired us to make an essay on how we deal with these scars in the landscape. Are they left over to wind and water to become ruïns? Or are they useable for new functions and carriers for new landscape structures, such as the Dutch Defense line? 




Nomaji Landscape architects

A portrait of the Finnish office, led by four female landscape architects, brave and open-minded. Nomaji was founded by challenging the field, while cultivating an ecological and sustainable approach. They create living environments inspired by nature.




Coastal walks  

Brooklyn Bridge Park, Palamos Coastal Walk, Riachuelo river imaginary park, and the Scheldt quays. Projects on the edge of land and water, in between ecological values and industrial pollution, cultural history and a dynamic future. 



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