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CROSSING THE LINE – for uncertain times

Sustainable urban development requires tools and techniques for working with evolving situations. A selection of tools and techniques.



Introduction /

Cross the line to make the most of uncertainty

Andrea Kahn, Lisa Diedrich


Trans-scalar Design at Parc aux Angéliques, Bordeaux

Anaïs Leger-Smith, Paul Smith


Letter to Parc aux Angéliques

Marie Andersson


Reclaiming urban ground in Philadelphia, USA

Timothy Baird


Adopting dilemmas and reflexivity-on-the-go

Jonas Bylund


Working diagrams as communication tools

Emily Vogler


Biotope testbeds for cultivating urban nature

Johan Paju


A Citylab for urban development in Haugesund

Morten Ragnøy Ednes, Vigleik Winje


The making and the meaning in collaborative design at Frihamnen Gothenborg

Per-Johan Dahl, Caroline Dahl


The Nature Lab as model for science-design education

Jennifer Bissonnette, Neal Overstrom




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