LB THINKING, ACTING, LETTING GO - Three decades of rejigging landscape / H + N + S Landscape architects

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Marieke Berkers

Thijs van den Boomen



Hans van der Meer

Siebe Swart


ENG (also available in Dutch), Softcover with foil, 23x30 cm, 216 pages, full colour

ISBN 9789492474346




Ever since their successful debut with Plan Stork over thirty years ago, H+N+S Landscape architects has played a leading role in Dutch landscape architecture. The firm’s designs are a testament to their deep insights and long-term perspectives. Water management and our relationship with nature feature strongly in their work.


During the past three decades the practice has evolved from primarily a ’thinking office’ to becoming a ‘making office’ as well, across all aspects of the profession. A constant factor throughout has been their unique combination of sound knowledge and an inspirational spirit of inquiry. Examples are the design for Maasvlakte II, which blends functionality with enjoyment of nature, relocating a road in Leuven to make way for the wonderful Belle-Vue Park, the new types of dike that impart extra elan to the area development along the river Meuse, and the housing complex that gives a new lease of life to allotment gardens in Alkmaar.


This richly illustrated magazine showcases over thirty projects by H+N+S, with contributions from Hans van der Meer and Siebe Swart. Large gatefold pages make the reader feel part of the landscape. Marieke Berkers interviewed the old and new management about what drives them and Tijs van den Boomen draws on a series of roundtable discussions with clients, former employees, partners and observers – to write about three decades of thinking, acting and letting go.



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