LB TRANSFORMING WITH WATER - Proceedings of the IFLA World Congress 2008

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Author:Wybe Kuitert
Publisher: Blauwdruk, Techne Press




The book 'Transforming with Water. Proceedings of the IFLA World Congress 2008' offers a wide and unique range of thoughts, ideas, philosophies and experiences on the highly timely, and definitely timeless theme Transforming with Water. The subjects vary from sedimentation and erosion, community efforts and innovative thinking to procesdesign. Historical and recent projects worldwide are described and can thus be compared.

With contributions by: Adriaan Geuze, Ann Spirn, Binyi Liu, Judith van Gelderen, Rotina Mohd Daik, Kongjian Yu, Dihua Li, Zang Lei, Cathy Marshall, Kristi Dykema, Matthew Bradbury, Jorg Sieweke, Brian McGrath, Tim Kennedy, Fu Fan, Zhao Caijun, Sareh Moosavi, Kamyar Abassi, Mehdi Sheibani, Kyung-Jin Zoh, Regina Colligon, and many others...