Now available in English: Sørensen's 39 Garden Plans

Gepubliceerd op 4 juni 2024 om 13:13

Bookpresentation 39 Garden Plans!

On Thursday evening 23 May, the new English edition of the classic 39 Haveplanner by C.Th. Sørensen was presented at the Academy of Architecture in Amsterdam. 

Lodewijk Wiegersma, garden and landscape architect, connaisseur of the Danish garden architecture gave an introduction to the work of Sørensen and his classic 39 Garden Plans. Kristoffer Holm Pedersen from the international leading office SLA shined his light on how their work relates to Sørensen’s ideas and extraordinary garden designs. The evening was co-initiated and moderated by Joost Emmerik.

39 Garden Plans is now available via our website, please click here. We would like to know: which of the 39 garden plans is your favorite?